7 Best Places to Visit in Rwanda

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Best Places to Visit in Rwanda

Rwanda, a landlocked country that sits at the center of Africa as one of its small but emerging countries. 

The “Land of a Thousand Hills” is home to several mountains and lakes covering an area slightly smaller than Massachusetts in size. 

With increasing tourist growth each year, Rwanda has been named by many magazines such as Forbes Traveler Magazine and National Geographic Adventure magazine as one of the best places for travel on earth.

This highlights some great reasons why you should visit this wonderful African nation! 

Here are the 7 Best Places To Visit In Rwanda:

1). Akagera National Park

Best Places to Visit in Rwanda

A must-visit place if you love nature or want to see wildlife since it was created with the intention to protect animals from habitat loss due to farming/human settlement pressures outside its boundaries. 

This park contains savannah plains that support large herds of antelope as well grazing mammals like zebra & buffalo while predators such crocodiles & lions lurk about waiting for their next meal… 

You can go on game drives here where knowledgeable guides will teach you all sorts of interesting facts about Rwandan wildlife!

2). Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre

Best Places to Visit in Rwanda

One cannot come to Rwanda without learning about its tragic past during the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi people living in Rwanda. 

Many were killed or fled into neighboring countries leaving behind destroyed lives & families… 

However, today’s climate is much more peaceful thanks largely due part because tourists’ money goes towards rebuilding efforts still underway across the whole country (not just the capital city). 

At the memorial center, there are exhibits detailing events before/during mass killings along with personal items left behind by victims which makes the experience, even more, real/emotional so be prepared when visiting this site… 

It truly brings meaning “never again” phrase used to describe world reaction to Holocaust atrocities committed Nazi Germany not too long ago either.

3). Best Places to Visit in Rwanda: Lake Kivu

Best Places to Visit in Rwanda

One of Rwanda’s most popular tourist destinations due to its stunning scenery, water sports & resorts situated on its shores. 

The lake itself is quite large measuring over 2700 square kilometers making it one of Africa’s Great Lakes! 

You can go swimming, windsurfing, or canoeing here while enjoying fresh fish meals caught from the water.

For those who want more relaxation, there are plenty of places where you can just sit back & take all beauty surrounding you.

4). Best Places to Visit in Rwanda: Volcanoes National Park

Best Places to Visit in Rwanda

This park gets its name from string volcanoes that make up the Rwandan section Virunga Mountains which extend into neighboring countries like Congo (DRC) & Uganda. 

It is best known to be home to some last remaining mountain gorillas left on earth as their population once faced extinction due to hunting/poaching pressure along with habitat loss and human settlement encroachment outside park boundaries.

Today however thanks largely part tourism revenue generated by visitors coming to see these amazing creatures up close personal contact through guided treks conducted daily under strict rules to protect both humans and animals alike.

5). Nyungwe Forest National Park

Best Places to Visit in Rwanda

A large tropical rainforest that is one of the oldest forests on the continent, dating back over 80 million years! 

This park contains many different species of animals like chimpanzees, colobus monkeys, Rwenzori turaco (a colorful bird), as well insect life… You can also find here some rare plants like orchids plus it’s possible to go canopy walk which gives you a unique perspective from above treetops.

6). Gishwati-Mukura National Park

Gishwati-Mukura National Park

The newest national park in Rwanda having only been created in 2015 with the aim of protecting its endangered mountain gorillas and other wildlife while improving livelihoods for local communities through sustainable tourism initiatives. 

The forest was once heavily deforested due to subsistence farming but has since seen regeneration thanks to reforestation efforts coupled with law enforcement against illegal activities taking place inside boundary limits.

7). Musanze Caves/Ruhengeri Castle Ruins

Musanze Caves/Ruhengeri Castle Ruins

If you are feeling adventurous, then Musanze Caves are definitely worth checking out as they contain many tunnels/passageways to explore (some quite narrow so be prepared for tight squeezes in places). 

These caves formed over millions years ago from lava flows that cooled and solidified creating unique rock formations.

You can also see here some evidence of human habitation dating back 10,000 years! 

For those who want more history lessons, there is a nearby site known as Ruhengeri Castle Ruins which was built during German colonial rule but later abandoned after World War I.

Final Thoughts on the Best Places to Visit in Rwanda

Rwanda is a beautiful country that has so much to offer tourists who come to visit. 

From its stunning scenery, wildlife, and national parks to learning about tragic events of the past at Genocide Memorial Centre.

There’s truly something everyone no matter what their interests are! 

So if you are planning a trip to East Africa anytime soon, be sure to add Rwanda to your list of places must-see as it definitely won’t disappoint!

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