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The second largest city in East Africa, Nairobi is set to become even more popular thanks to Kenya safaris. As one of the continent’s most cosmopolitan cities and a gateway to the Maasai Mara and Lake Nakuru, Nairobi is equally fascinating for its wildlife

Kenya safaris in Nairobi, therefore, take in the lush Nairobi National Park, lion reserves and the expansive Tsavo National Park. 

We’ve rounded up everything you should know to plan your perfect safari in Kenya.

Visit the Giraffe Centre

This is definitely one of the most exciting Nairobi wildlife safari destinations that you can visit. You might see giraffes from afar at the Masai Mara, but at Giraffe Center – a conservation and education center that rehabilitates our tall friends-you get to touch them, feed them, and even kiss them! 

It is located only 40 minutes from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport; this centre was established in 1979 as a way to replenish the rapidly declining numbers of Rothschild Giraffes. 

Started with two giraffes now relocated to different parks throughout Kenya; it has taken care of over 300 other Rothschilds since then. 

Besides feeding or taking photos with them (they are very good at selfies) you may also attend an educational lecture on why it is so important for us all to protect these animals before they become extinct due to their shrinking population size – which according`s back up by beautiful artwork available for purchase as souvenirs.

Explore the Historic City of Nairobi

Nairobi is the second largest city in East Africa, with a population of 4 million and more than 1.4 million tourists each year. 

It was founded in 1899 by the British, as a rail depot on the Uganda Railway. The town quickly grew to replace Machakos as the capital of Kenya in 1907. After independence in 1963, Nairobi became the capital of the Republic of Kenya.

Nairobi is known for its urban sprawl and numerous parks which are highly populated by both animals and people. The city’s rich cultural heritage makes Nairobi an interesting destination to explore while you are visiting Kenya.

There are also a number of museums to visit such as the National Museum of Kenya where many ancient relics can be seen. 

At the same time, there are also many other educational institutions found throughout the area that provide higher-level education from primary school through university level degrees in diverse fields like medicine, engineering, law and business management among others.

Go to The Nairobi National Museum

The Nairobi National Museum is the keeper of Kenya’s history, culture, traditions and art. 

If you want to know more about Kenya during your wildlife safari in Nairobi then this is where to start! It was founded in 1910 as a natural history museum. 

The museum itself holds different galleries that showcase Kenyan ethnic groups and periods of human development like the origin of man or bird life. 

There’s also an exhibition center for palaeontology which researches early Homo Habilis fossils believed to be around 2 million years old! 

You will even come face-to-face with these relics yourself when visiting the exhibitions held inside its main building’s exhibit halls. 

There are tons from all different points throughout time including artefacts showing some very obscure ones taken from archaeological digs never seen before such as those found at Olduvai Gorge.

Do you dread snakes or are enticed by the slithering creatures? Well, at Snake Park, on the grounds of Nairobi Museum, there is an interactive place where you can find out what it is. 

Here you will get to see a variety of local fish species and other reptiles (including pythons), as well as puff adders and cobras behind a protective glass barrier. 

You will also be able to enjoy learning about some indigenous plants in their botanical gardens before finding your way into one fascinating trail leading down towards the water!

Visit the Nairobi National Park

After arriving in Nairobi, the first thing you should do is visit the Nairobi National Park. Located just around 10 kilometres from the central business district of Kenya’s capital city. 

It offers a contrast with wild animals roaming in its foreground and skyscrapers in its background. 

There are many different types of animal species you can see including lions, cheetahs, black rhinos, ostriches and giraffes among others. 

The park also has over 400 bird species but also offers a facility for injured or orphaned animals that need help to be nursed back to health by staff at the facility called an “animal orphanage”.

Additionally, you get a chance to experience the Nairobi National Park Safari Walk, which is a path through the lush greenery of the park for visitors to walk on. 

The most interesting feature about it is that you can see animals below and up above as you meander along. 

Some of these creatures include mountain bongo, albino zebras, and white rhinoceros in addition to 150 indigenous trees which contribute significantly to life in the ecosystem!


Nairobi is a city full of culture, history, and natural beauty. With the Nairobi National Museum and the Nairobi National Park just outside the city limits, Kenya is an excellent destination for seeing wildlife up close.


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