Destination Uganda

Uganda lies on the equator, east of Tanzania and Kenya and west of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It is smaller than the United Kingdom but boasts a spectacular array of landscapes – from snow-capped mountains and savannah to lush swampland and impenetrable forests.

Its remote, un-spoilt parks teem with wildlife such as the famed East Africa big game species of lion, elephant, and buffalo as well as primates and over a thousand species of birds.

Uganda, and its neighbors Rwanda, share the unique responsibility of conserving a population of critically endangered mountain gorillas and chimpanzees, funded in no small part through the trekking fees levied on visiting guests.

Arriving at Entebbe airport in the capital Kampala visitors can embark on a full safari itinerary encompassing the best of the diverse parks, or simply a short excursion to the southeast for gorilla trekking.

National Parks and Major Attraction

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