The Great Wildebeest Migration: All You Need to Know

Great Wildebeest Migration

The Great Wildebeest Migration is one of the most amazing natural phenomena on earth.  It involves over 1.5 million wildebeests, 400,000 Thomson’s gazelles, and 200,000 zebras moving in a clockwise direction around the Serengeti Plains in Tanzania and Kenya. This journey takes them from the dry southern plains to more lush pastures up north and […]

10 Best Places to Visit in Kenya

Best Places to Visit in Kenya

Kenya is a country located in Eastern Africa. A fascinating blend of cultures, traditions, and languages makes it one of the most diverse countries on the African continent.  The official language spoken in Kenya is English however there are also over 70 different indigenous languages that are commonly used throughout the country.  Swahili is also […]

Kenya Safaris: Discover Nairobi and Its Equally Fascinating Wildlife

Discover Nairobi

The second largest city in East Africa, Nairobi is set to become even more popular thanks to Kenya safaris. As one of the continent’s most cosmopolitan cities and a gateway to the Maasai Mara and Lake Nakuru, Nairobi is equally fascinating for its wildlife.  Kenya safaris in Nairobi, therefore, take in the lush Nairobi National […]