Photography Customized Vehicles​

All our photographic vehicles come with open sided Canvas fitted windows, The 3 extra seats get removed and this allows a maximum of 3 Photographers per vehicle. The vehicle is placed with some cushions and mattress at the bottom to provide cushioning for cameras while vehicle is on move and secondly an area where clients can lay down when taking photographs.

As photographers we understand the importance of a quick once in a lifetime photographic moment; our vehicles are designed by photographers for photographers. Photographers need quick access to their gear, multiple perspective choices, and different support choices. The vision of photographers is uniquely his or hers, so we wanted to give our guests the choice to have a vehicle set up that best meets their personal requirements.

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  • Seating Capacity: Long Chassis, 3 seats (2 Guaranteed Window per photographer + driver/guide). (Vehicle can be installed with more seats on request)
  • Pop up roof for unobstructed game viewing (to protect from sunshine)
  • Bean Bags for Cushioning Camera
  • Reclinable Comfortable seats
  • 6 Charging sockets
  • Double spare wheel tires
  • Open sided windows (a frame, that can be popped out) – Photo and offers the guest unobstructed views from all rear seats on both sides.
  • We have fitted a bar / wooden block or rail on each window frame for stabilizing your cameras and offer various types of bean bags for photographic purposes. (photos of bean bags which are standard, molar, double sided)
  • Velcro strips on the canvas covered seats assist in securing cameras and equipment.
  • 2 Fuel tanks each 90 L
  • Roof hatch above the driver/guide and co-driver’s seat.
  • The longer hatch extends behind all passenger seats.
  • Luggage space is limited, and we recommend about 15 – 20 kgs of luggage per person, preferably in soft bags or soft cover suitcases.
  • A fridge is placed in between the two seats at the back.
December 2023 January 2025Landcruiser3USD 350 Per Day

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