Prison Island Trip –Half Day

This half-day excursion is a relaxing day out on the Indian Ocean, on a small Island to the west of Stone Town, Join us as we sail to Prison Island, has a lot of history.
It was a private place of detention for slaves in 1883 when a jail was built on the island, thus the name “Prison Island”.The jail was never used and the ruin can still be seen. Also known as Changuu and Quarantine Island where you will find a conservation area dedicated to the endangered Aldabra Tortoises.
While there are babies and juveniles, some tortoise is nearly 180 years old. After admiring our large reptile friends, take a tour of the historical prison, which once used to house rebellious slaves and was later used as a quarantine site sheltering the main island from epidemics like yellow fever.
Getting a little hot? Why not go for a snorkel in the crystal clear waters that surround the Island or swim and relax on the white sands. The Tours include a Snorkeling equipment.

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